Winter League Round 2 Sunday 10th November

Winter League Round 2 

Round 2 of the Winter League again saw some excellent scoring with 5 teams coming in with at least 40 points.  Winners were Wayne Lawrence and Ed Simon with an excellent 45 points which earns them £22.50 each and a Winter League Handicap reduction of 2 shots each. Bridesmaids for the second week running with 42 points after a card play off, earning £12.50 each and a WL handicap reduction of 1 shot, were Paul Hattersley and Darren Ford. In third place were Paul Fitzhugh and Simon Fink, also with 42 points, who earn themselves £7.50 each but no handicap reduction.


The 2s pot was divided among only 2 players this week - David Norton and Ryan Levene who earn themselves a £20 each. 

All prize money is awarded in the form of Pro-Shop credit. 

The formative Winter League standings are attached, currently showing a 4 way tie for first place. 

Winter League Standings and Handicaps 2019 2020 @10.11.19.xlsx



Gents Senior Open Event Wednesday 20th May 2020 (191 days)