Post Lockdown Pro's Roll Up Sunday 4th April

What an absolute joy to be back on the golf course this week. Scoring was clearly very tough in the first competition back after lockdown. In cool Spring conditions, with only 4 players record 'level 2s' or better. Congratulations to David Cohen, who came in first ahead of Jake Hardman after a card play-off. Both finished on 38 points. David earns a pro-shop credit of £168 while Jake earns £105. Rob Jacobs finished third just one point behind and earns £63 credit. 

The 2s pot was shared between 4players who each earn £21 - Sandy Casofsky, Josh Lewis, Richard Elgott and Jonny Laskier.


This was the first time many of us have played under the new WHS Handicapping system. You are advised to read through all the information which is on the website to understand how your score may affect your Handicap Index.

May I also take this opportunity to inform you of the importance of differentiating between NR (No Result) and NS (Not Started). Watch the video here at around 5 minutes Youtube - Intelligent Golf NR/NS- as it explains it very well.

In a nutshell, should a player have a bad hole and, as a result decides to quit his round, then all holes not played must be entered as NOT-STARTED holes, and not, as previously, non-return holes. The reasons for this are that all holes scored as non-returns score a net double bogey for handicap purposes. Providing the player has completed 10 holes, the first hole scored as not-started scores a net bogey and all other not-started holes score a net par. It is therefore important that players are aware that even if they NR a hole, they MUST continue their round and note the scores achieved on all holes.




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