Hints and tips - STANCE

Now that you have checked your alignment and have yourself pointing in the right direction, the next step is to create a good golf stance.​

A golf stance is made up of many different elements the right width of stance, the right amount of knee flex, the angle / position of your feet and finally posture, which we will look at in a separate post.

If a stance is too narrow it will prevent you from generating a lot of power in your golf swing. It will also make it difficult to keep your balance through the swing and in turn this can compromise your ball striking.

On the other side I see a lot of golfers go too far the other way..

If your stance is too wide, you’ll find it difficult to transfer your body weight during the swing. Without a good weight transfer you will compromise Power timing and good ball striking and if you do try to shift your weight with your stance too wide it will more likely be a sway motion which is something we want to avoid.

METHOD for correct width of Stance

To Ensure you have the correct width of stance measure the width of your shoulders with a golf club and then place down at your feet. The inside step of your feet should be approximately the same width as your measurement / shoulders. (see diagram)