Hints and tips - PUTTING

About a month ago I attended a Putting Masterclass with Andrew Murray and Dr Karl Morris. The reason for me attending was that since returning to the game of Golf after being in a wheelchair due to my M.S, I have to say my putting was rusty and my confidence was low this that is probably an understatement and I don't care what anyone says BUT

"You Drive for Show and you PUTT for dough" ​

Well this Putting Masterclass was amazing and the encouragement from Andrew and Dr Karl Morris really boosted my confidence and changed my whole outlook on putting. 

I can honestly say you need to Book on one of the Putting Masterclasses as it will transform your game. ​

ALSO make sure you subscribe to Dr Karl Morris Brain Booster PODCAST.​


What can you see when you look at the ball? You will more than likely say a shadow or light depending on the weather and where you are. 

In practice, take the ball between your finger and thumb and snatch the ball away, keeping your eyes firmly fixed on where the ball was.

You should see a glow which is called the retinal after image. This glow has always been there when you putt, but often your attention will waver and your eyes will follow the ball.

Keeping your eyes firmly on the retinal after image makes your attention fix on something in the present and will result in a smoother putting stroke.

When people understand the importance of having your attention in the right place they will se a huge improvement in their putting.


The importance of the PACE when putting cannot be ignored and we should embrace GRAVITY and allow the ball to drop in the hole.

See the Diagram below created by Aim point Golf .​

This shows the size of the hole based on the pace of the putt - Therefore if you are hitting the putt harder the hole size gets smaller.​

Therefore my advice is hit the pace of the putt so the ball can just drop in the hole or no more than 1 foot past the hole.​

Think when looking at the putt, ask yourself this question

"What does this Ball need to do to go in the hole"

This will give you a picture in your mind of the ball rolling to the hole and dropping in. Once you have this image and just set up make your stroke and watch for the AFTER IMAGE. 

Let me know how you go on with my simple Putting Advice.