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Safeguarding Children & Young Adults

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It is vital that we all, at Whitefield Golf club, provide an environment where the welfare of children and young people is paramount. The children must feel safe and secure whilst with us and their parents and carers know that they are leaving their children in good hands.

You might be thinking “What has safeguarding got to do with me?”

Government guidance makes it clear that ‘Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility’.

What should I do if I’m concerned about a child or young person?

A concern may involve the behaviour of an adult towards a child at the club, or something that has happened to the child outside the club.

Children and young people may confide in adults they trust, in a place where they feel comfortable.

An allegation may range from verbal bullying, to inappropriate contact online, to neglect or emotional abuse, to physical or sexual abuse.

If you are concerned about a child, it is not your responsibility to investigate further, but it is your responsibility to act on your concerns and share them.

Pass the information to the Whitefield Golf Club Welfare Officer who will follow the club’s Safeguarding procedures.

Staff engaging with children and young adults will be appropriately trained and we are delighted to advise that Peter Elton has agreed to be the Whitefield Golf Club Welfare Officer. His contact details are (Mob) 07718 540696.

Whitefield Golf Club asks it’s members, guests and visitors to familiarise themselves with the Whitefield Golf Club Safeguarding Policy.

The full copy of the document is available via the link attached.

In particular, please, view:

1. Whitefield Golf Club’s Codes of Conduct

2. Anti-Bullying Policy

3. Transport Policy

4. Changing Room Policy

5. Photography, Videoing and the use of Social Media Policies

Thank you

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